Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sound & Music: A Chaos Combined

Hello all, my name is Matias Lehtoranta and I'm the music composer for Combined Chaos. I will co-produce some sound effects as well.

The music of CC will be a blend of electronic and metal/rock elements. If you know the Command & Conquer and Red Alert soundtracks by the fantastic Frank Klepacki, then you have an idea of some of the elements that will be forming this soundtrack. Riffs that happen around the minor pentatonic scale, crunchy, snarly bass tones, and lush layerings of synth sounds on top of it. Contemplative, floaty and fluid tunes for building up your robot in your lab. Then some 7-string and 8-string metal riffs for those particularly savage metal-bleeding moments!

For the first version, a few tracks are planned (including at least a main theme/menu track and an in-game combat track) and I will be promoting them on this blog and on my SoundCloud page.

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