Monday, November 19, 2012

Body-parts concept art

My name is Robbert Schefman and I'm mainly working on the graphics part of this project. But for now I'm learning a little 3D stuff. My blogposts are mostly going to be about what I learned during this project. But for now a post about our concept art.

Concept artist Sabi who is also working in our project made some great detailed sketches for us.
We use these sketches as inspiration for the modeling and UV mapping. Right now I'm learning the UV mapping and the texturing in Blender. Here are some of the sketches. We are also experimenting with some of the weapon physics.

Sketches of different body-parts. These body-parts have sockets where the user can add different kinds of other parts (e.g. weapons, joints, wheels etc). 

More detailed sketches of different body-parts. Also we are thinking about making some bodies heavier so they can behave different when in battle.
Sketch for the connectors that fit onto the sockets.
Detailed sketch of the sockets them selves. 
Heavy base body-part

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